Simply put, Capital AEC brings unmatched professionalism and experience to the job of completing your project to your specifications and within your budget.

  • Performs and provides expert services for CHURCHES exclusively
  • Can perform a low-cost phase 1 feasibility study for the entire project
  • Regularly Designs and Builds Churches Has the ability to provide Church Loan Coordination
  • Retains the knowledge and ability to support the church lender
  • Experienced in working with Pastors and Church Building Committees
  • Expert at obtaining City Approvals in Planning and Building for Churches
  • Ability to obtain complete project budgets which include all estimated costs
  • Ability to provide a realistic project schedule which includes all phases
  • Has experience in supporting a church’s Capital Fund Campaign
  • Retains a team of Professional Service and Design Experts experienced in Church Development
  • Has pre-screened numerous construction industry vendors who have experience with Church Development
  • Retains relationships with material suppliers and specialty service providers for Church Development
  • Has the ability to implement a Fund Control System that accounts for all project funds and protects the Church
  • Has created and utilizes a custom Project Management System for Church Development Projects
  • Has experience in reviewing and making recommendations on vendor agreements throughout the project
  • Retains Project Managers who have the experience of working a Church Development Project from start to finish
  • Can provide references on recent CHURCH PROJECTS