A real estate expansion project provides an opportunity for new income growth for years to come. However, the design, build and development process is a highly technical and detailed process with many inherent risks.

To insure that your project has a positive outcome, it is strongly recommended that your organization take the position of all experienced real estate developers by retaining an INDEPENDENT experienced, strong leader to act solely as the owner’s advocate – from the project feasibility phase all the way through to construction completion.

Protect Your Investment, save time, save money

Capital AEC is an expert in the real estate project development process. By utilizing an expert such as Capital AEC, your project will save time. A project development is a process with many variables: there are many ways to process the Preliminary Plans, City Planning Approvals, Building and Engineering, and Construction phases to save valuable time.

Saving money and getting the most value of every dollar is something we are proud of here at Capital AEC. Capital AEC will save the project money by managing the details of the costs in all major project areas. We are familiar with the various vendors who work in this industry and how they may try to obtain the maximum amount of profits. It is critical that all project costs are competitively bid, and that costs are brought in at a minimal amount for the highest value of services, materials and labor. It is critical that Capital AEC work closely with you to deliver what it is that you need to further serve your project goals.

Capital AEC will be sure that your project begins in the proper manner and continues through to a successful project completion.