Master Planning

Capital AEC will reduce a project’s risk right from the start

The most difficult decision that our clients face about real estate development projects is whether or not to move forward at the very beginning. Capital AEC dramatically reduces the unknown factors associated with this early phase.

Creating a master plan provides a long term vision of the project site includ- ing an understanding of what is possible when it is 100% build out. One major oversight projects often make is not to create a “Master Plan.” Every week Capital AEC visits an existing project site where the project desires to expand its facilities only to find out that the new expansion project is limited by existing structures and lack of a “Master Plan.” Capital AEC strongly recommends that every project have a “Master Plan” on how your facilities will be expanded or improved to support your project.


Corporate Facility Strategy


  • Return on Investment Strategies


  • Preliminary Design
  • Financing and Recurring Costs


  • Site Specific Design
  • Long Term Plan

General Business

  • National/International standards
  • Contingency Plan based on Market Changes