Phase 4

  1. Print 10 Sets of Plans for
  2. Print 20 Sets of Plans For
  3. Fill Out Plan Check
  4. Plan Check Fees
  5. Submit Plans For Review
  6. Obtain Plan Corrections
  7. Re-submit Plans for Review
  8. Obtain Plan Corrections
  9. Re-submit Plans for Review
  10. Obtain Plan Corrections
  11. Pay Applicable Permit Fees
  12. Pay Applicable School Fees
  13. Obtain Permits
  14. Development Management
    for Phase 4

The permit and processing phase is the process in which after the architecture and engineering plans are completed, then they must be submitted to the municipality for “Building Plan Check” for the purpose of obtaining building permits. The municipality and its associates review the plans to be sure that all the codes and ordinances are being met. This is where the details of the project are being sifted through to be sure the future improvement will be built to be a safe structure.