Phase 1 = Feasibility Study / Schematic Drawings / General Scope Identification / Preliminary Budgeting

Capital AEC provides complete development management services for building your church, which include the delivery of services such as Project Feasibility, Schematic Drawing, Planning & Entitlements, Architecture & Engineering, Construction Services, Real Estate Consultation and Finance Coordination. We develop a full range of projects, from small to very large multi-million dollar master-planned, multi-phased developments.


Phase 1

  1. Scope of Work Identification
  2. Schematic Site Drawings of Existing
  3. Schematic Floor Plan Drawings of Existing
  4. Schematic Elevation Drawings of Existing
  5. Schematic Site Plan Drawings of Proposed
  6. Schematic Floor Plan Drawings of Proposed
  7. Schematic Elevation Plan Drawings of Proposed
  8. Government Research & Discussions
  9. Preliminary Budgeting
  10. Funding Coordination
  11. Feasibility Study
  12. Development Management for Phase 1