Steel Building

August 26th, 2016 by


What if you could obtain all the benefits from traditional construction but with added benefits of cost savings, time savings and a superior building envelope.  In some cases the clear choice is a structural steel building that can also provide large “clear span” areas for more open and flexible facilities.  If given the opportunity to “master plan” your facilities, then the benefits can continue into future phases.

You need now worry about whether you can obtain aesthetically pleasing facility.  It is typical to incorporate traditional building materials and methods in harmony with pre-manufactured steel structures.  There are many buildings you pass by daily that are built from pre-manufactured structural steel.


Early budgeting is much easier with a engineered systems.  You will see understand what part of the building is costing what and then be able to make adjustments in the early planning in order to stay on schedule and under budget.

Pre-Engineered Structural Steel is not the solution for all building designs and builds, but when it is a match the ROI can be very beneficial.

Capital AEC – Your Partner

Capital AEC provides traditional non Steel Buildings on many projects.  Pre-Engineered Steel Structures are just another option and a potential “added value” you can receive when you retain Capital AEC as your design builder.  All the options and scenarios will be researched and analyzed during the feasibility, master plan, preliminary drawings, and budgeting phase.