Suggested Action Plan

How do you get your project started???

One suggestion is to fill out a Capital AEC ––– Questionnaire, which can be found at Another way is to call our general telephone number at 1-877-963-4632 and leave a general message.

The most important step in your project’s process is to properly complete Phase 1, which includes the Feasibility Study / Schematic Drawings / General Scope Identification / Preliminary Budgeting.

This phase should be completed by a true church development expert such as Capital AEC so that your project may start down a realistic and successful road.

Once you have made contact with Capital AEC , we will have a representative discuss your potential project over the telephone. If there is consensus, then Capital AEC will visit your site and provide a further evaluation.

Upon concluding that Capital AEC will add value and can help your management with your development, improvement and expansion plans, then Capital AEC will provide a formal proposal for services.